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Successes and Challenges

Hello prayer warriors!
I’m glad to comeback to you for the first time this year to give you some news about out ministry.
1. Hungry Church is doing better, we were able to put together a leadership team already and also are very excited about what is coming next for the church. The multipurpose room we have at the Wired Center is already too small for the amount of people that are coming to the gatherings every Saturday. We are anticipating that soon we are going to start weekly services instead of once a month and also would like to divide the bible study group in 2 smaller groups that are going to allow growth to the church not only in number of members but in leadership  prospects too. We celebrated our first anniversary las Saturday, we had a great time sharing a special meal and of course worshiping God and listening to his voice at the time of the preaching.

2. Through our Diaspora ministry, we were able to help Oscar a guy that was sent back from the USA and doesn’t have…